Billing Information

Questions about your bill?

The billing for Columbia Anesthesia Group is managed by MBA Medical Business Associates. If you have any questions about your bill please contact the billing office at (360) 667-3056.

Information about a bill or medical procedure will only be provided to the patient, individuals specifically authorized by the patient, providers involved in the patient’s care, or insurance companies and organizations involved in the billing process.

When calling about your bill please be prepared to provide the account number, patient name, the patient’s date of birth, and the date services were provided.

Payments from patients or insurance companies should be sent to:
Columbia Anesthesia Group
PO Box 5157
Vancouver, WA 98668

Why am I receiving a separate bill for anesthesia services?

Columbia Anesthesia Group is an independent group of medical care providers and our services are not included in the bills from the hospital or surgeon’s office. Many of the physicians involved in your care will likely bill for their services independent from the facility, so you may receive many separate bills for your procedure.

I have an upcoming procedure; how much will my bill be?

While we are able to estimate the bill for your anesthesia, we can’t know exactly how much your bill will be until the procedure has been performed. The fees for anesthesia services are time-based, and can vary from case to case, even for the same procedure. You can contact our billing office at (360) 667-3056 for an estimate of your bill, but please remember this is only an estimate and your final bill may be different.

Pay Your Bill

Columbia Anesthesia Group is associated with MBA Medical and PayTrace. If you have an outstanding bill, you can click the link below to process your payment.

If there are questions regarding your bill, please contact MBA Medical Billing at (866) 622-2455.